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ENG 102A- 3 - Meaning 1 In the last paragraph Klass sums up...

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Unformatted text preview: Meaning 1. In the last paragraph Klass sums up her main point that jargon, if used correctly and frequently, can be an affective way to communicate between doctors and to protect patients from bad news. In the end, once a new doctor becomes fluent in jargon it can help the new doctor to become a better doctor. 2. Medical jargon serves a great purpose to protect the patients from being emotionally hurt. If a patient is going to die painfully from some horrible condition medical jargon can be used to prevent the patient from knowing the worst and potentially keep the patient calm. It can also be used to help patients understand the condition they have because some medical jargon is sort of like layman’s terms in that the doctor can better describe a disease if they relate it to say baseball, like in the essay. The examples in paragraphs 9-16 explain the reasons why people shouldn’t use medical jargon. Klass explained that one medical student was called Mr. Eponym by the interns because all he did was use jargon. He used jargon to the point where is was everywhere and people like Klass had to ask what he meant. It made him look “pompous” and the terms that were used were more extreme, for example “C.T.D” meaning “circling the drain” or “dieing”. It just isn’t as professional to use jargon everywhere. 3. Primeval- “I started out in a state of primeval innocence, in which I didn’t even know that “C.P., S.O.B., N/V” meant…” I think it means the Klass was in a state of “beginning unknowing” innocence or only knows the basics. According to dictionary.com primeval means- of or pertaining to the first age or ages. My Sentence: Before the earth had civilization or even creatures it was in a primeval...
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ENG 102A- 3 - Meaning 1 In the last paragraph Klass sums up...

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