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ENG 102A- 6 - P.224 Meaning 1. "We need to write; otherwise...

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P.224 Meaning 1. “We need to write; otherwise nobody will know who we are.” “You can’t pick up a phone and call the future and tell them about our times. You have to pick up a piece of paper.” 2. We write letters to relatives like aunts to say that we miss them. To tell them of our lives. We write love letters to the ones we love. We write to inform someone of our daily life, or to just say something we meant to say to someone but can’t say it to them because of shyness. 3. (Paragraph 6) I believe letters are a gift because you don’t owe them to people. If you owe someone a conversation then the phone works fine. But to write a letter is a personal choice that the writer makes to be more sincere to the reader. It is a gift of true conversation, where a writer can express themselves better. A letter has more meaning. (Paragraph 10) Thinking about grammar and style is sort of pointless because you really aren’t trying to impress the reader because most likely the reader already knows you well. It is better to place your personal mark in the writing and write freely with the thoughts of the letter. (Paragraph 14) I believe that you can sometimes find what you feel when to write a letter to someone describing your life and thoughts. Maybe you never thought about something until you wrote it and then you realize that you discovered your feeling on that subject. 4.
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ENG 102A- 6 - P.224 Meaning 1. "We need to write; otherwise...

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