Syllabus EC 202 section 4 Spring 2008

Syllabus EC 202 section 4 Spring 2008 - Syllabus EC 202...

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Syllabus EC 202 section 4 Spring 2008 Monday Wednesday 103 Erickson 12:40 - 2:00 pm Professor: Christine Amsler [email protected] TA: Adam Cogswell [email protected] INDEX 1. IMPORTANT DATES 2. Overrides and Adds Policies 3. Midterm Exam 4. Make-Up Midterm Exam 5. Final Exam 6. Make-Up Final Exam 7. Grading 8. Slavin 9. iClicker 10. How to register for iClicker 11. Aplia 12. Aplia registration instructions 13. HelpRoom 14. Classroom Externalities 15. Contacting the Professor 16. Honors Option 17. VISA Form 1. IMPORTANT DATES Wednesday, February 27 - Midterm Exam Monday, March 31 - deadline to sing up for the Make-Up Final Exam Tuesday, April 29 - Make-Up Final Exam, 5:45 - 7:45 pm Wednesday, April 30 - Final Exam, 8:00-10:00 pm 2. Overrides and Adds Policies There are no overrides for this class. You must be enrolled in EC 202 section 4 by the close of Adds on Friday, January 11 at 8pm. The professor does not sign late Add cards. Any scores you obtain while attending any class other than EC 202 section 4 will not be transferred to EC 202 section 4. 3. Midterm Exam The Midterm Exam is Wednesday, February 27. The exam is multiple choice and it covers chapters 1 through 10. Chapter materials are found in Slavin and on Aplia. Be
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sure to bring pencils, good eraser, calculator, and your MSU photo ID. The calculator cannot be a graphing calculator or a cell phone. You may not bring a formula sheet. There is no study guide. You are encouraged to use the chapter objectives found at the beginning of each Slavin chapter to construct your own study guide as the course progresses. The Midterm Exam will be done on scantrons and graded by the Computer Center. The Computer Center will send you a PID report with the answer you marked and the correct answer if your answer is incorrect. It is extremely important that you fill out the scantron correctly with your PID and name. If you do not fill out the scantron correctly, the Computer Center will not send you a PID report. Please make sure that the answers you mark on the scantron are the answers you want. If there is a discrepancy between the answer you write on your test paper and the answer you mark on your scantron, the answer submitted for a grade is the answer on the scantron. If you are worried about the Computer Center not correctly reading your answers on your scantron because you erased, make sure you bring a very good eraser. Do not delete your PID report. That is your only record of the answers for the midterm. 4. Make-Up Midterm Exam A make-up midterm exam is possible if 1) you tell the professor in advance of the exam that you have a conflict 2) you have a valid reason and 3) you provide documentation. Valid reasons include very serious illness, dire family emergency, participation in activities officially approved by the University such as athletic events, and required appearance in Court. Unless you inform the professor in advance of the exam that you have a conflict and the professor verifies that you have a valid reason and the proper
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Syllabus EC 202 section 4 Spring 2008 - Syllabus EC 202...

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