Brain - 1 Brain a Terms i Nucleus/Nuclei 1 Group of cell...

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1. Brain a. Terms i. Nucleus/Nuclei 1. Group of cell bodies ii. Ventricles 1. ‘hollow’ spaces with cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) iii. Tract 1. Group of axons in CNS 2. Same origin 3. Same destination 4. Same function iv. Sulcus/Solci 1. Grooves 2. More shallow v. Gyrus/Gyri 1. Ridges 2. More deep vi. Fissure 1. Deep groves 2. Separate regions b. Brain Regions i. Cerebellum ii. Brain Stem iii. Diencephaion c. CH: Cortex i. Consciousness, communication, senses, voluntary movements
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Gray matter mostly iii. Important generalizations 1. Motor 2. Sensory 3. Association iv. Contra lateral v. Sides not identical functionally d. Central Sulcus i. Divides front/back of brain 1. Front a. Motor 2. Back a. Sensory e. CH: Cortex – motor areas i. Primary motor cortex (anterior of the central sulcus) 1. Located within the precentral gyrus 2. Pyramidal cells/tracts to the spinal cord (SC) 3. Very much involved in skilled movement ii. Premotor cortex (anterior of primary motor cortex) 1. Learned motor skills 2. Patterns, repetition a. Example, learning to play a new instrument 3. Movement planning
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Brain - 1 Brain a Terms i Nucleus/Nuclei 1 Group of cell...

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