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Homework 1 ISE 382 Database Basics 15 points Due Date – Friday January 27th Answer the following questions from your textbook. Page 24 1.7, 1.14, 1.18, 1.19, 1.24, 1.29, 1.30, 1.31 1.7 When a database is processed by more than one user, there is a chance that one user’s work may interfere with the work of another user. Data integrity problems may occur if two users update data at the same time. 1.14 Microsoft hides important database technology to make it easier for beginning users to create and work with small database applications and their underlying databases. 1.18 A DBMS creates, processes and administers databases under the control of the DBMS. 1.19 Three vendors of DBMS products are Microsoft (the SQL Server DBMS), Oracle Corporation (the Oracle DBMS) and IBM (the DB2 DBMS). 1.24 The four components of an enterprise-class database system are: Users – The people who interact with database applications created in MS Access
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Unformatted text preview: • Database applications – These are the programs or applications that the users actually use as an interface to the underlying databases. • The DBMS – The DBMS creates, processes and administers databases. • Databases – Each database application is run against one or more DBMS created and maintained database. 1.29 A database is a self-describing collection of integrated tables, which means that the tables store both data and the relationships between the data. 1.30 A database is considered to be self-describing because it contains a description of itself – such as what tables are in the database, which columns are in each table and what kind of data is stored in each column. 1.31 Metadata is data about data. Metadata in databases allow them to be self-describing. You will turn in your homework on totale.usc.edu before 12 midnight. Please use Microsoft Word to answer the questions....
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Homework_1_solution - • Database applications – These...

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