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Geog 165Lg#2 - Geog 165Lg Laboratory Experiment#2 Contour...

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Geog 165Lg Laboratory Experiment #2 Contour Maps, Isolines, and Areal Measures Wednesday, September 26, 2007, 10:00-11:50 Class Number: 35635R Tucker/ Josh Tucker 3108818894 TA: Anthony
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Questions: 1. The equation for the trend line in my first graph, y= 0.5556x-17.778, which is the same equation entered in the graph “C2” to convert the data from Fahrenheit to Celsius. After using the distributive property to solve the conversion equation: 0 T(C) = 5/9 (T(F) – 32), = T(C)= 0.5556x-17.778. 2. The relationship between maximum and minimum temperature as illustrated in the second of the two graphs is extremely scattered with a very small correlation (r2). The overall slope of this line is m= -0.2996; it is negative, so the overall linear regression trend is
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