sample+items[1] - 1 If a researcher uses a within-subjects...

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1. If a researcher uses a within-subjects experimental design and exposes each participant to all levels of the independent variable, then the researcher is most likely to choose which one of the following techniques to further ensure that changes in the dependent variable can be attributed to changes in the independent variable? a. comparison to control group b. between-groups matching c. comparison to baseline d. within-groups matching
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2. One characteristic of an experiment that distinguishes it from a quasi-experiment is: a. Random sampling b. Random assignment c. Ability to infer causality d. The level of statistical control 3. Speed in impulse transmission across neurons is increased when neural impulses are able to skip across non-myelinated portions of the axon. These skipped portions are referred to as ________ . a. Glial cells b. Axon Sheaths c. Axon terminals d. Nodes of Ranvier 4. An action potential will be initiated on the axon of a neuron when: a. Neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic gap between 2 neurons b. Dendrites receive a sufficient number of impulses from nearby neurons c. DNA in the neuron’s nucleus triggers Na+ channels to open d. Potentials reaching the axon are sufficient enough to reach the excitation threshold 5. According to the All or None Law, the complexity in interneuron communication lies in all of the following except: a. Number of neurons activated b. Number of firings of a neuron c. Size of the action potential d. Reciprocal inhibition 6. This structure is the brain’s relay station because it filters most sensory information before passing it along to different locations along the cortex: a. pons b. medulla c. cerebellum d. thalamus 7. Following a stroke, a patient shows grossly diminished sensitivity to touch and other
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sample+items[1] - 1 If a researcher uses a within-subjects...

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