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1. Young and Helmholtz theorized that three ________ were responsible for selective transduction of the electromagnetic spectrum. a. Visual pigments b. Receptor cells c. Ganglion cells d. Neurotransmitters 2. Orientation angles of lines are detected by _____ cells in the visual cortex as the object passes over the cells' visual field along the correct orientation of the cell. a. Simple cells b. Ganglion cells c. Hypercomplex cells d. Complex cells 3. Which depth cue is the most helpful in determining which of the Mona Lisa’s hands is meant to be closer to the viewer? 1 a. linear perspective 2 b. interposition 3 c. texture gradients 4 d. disparity 4. Looking out the window while seated on a stationary train, Rebecca sees another stationary train on the next track. One of the trains begins to move, and Rebecca is not sure whether her train is moving or if the other train is moving. What
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Unformatted text preview: phenomenon is responsible for this confusion? a. Induced motion b. Motion parallax c. Apparent movement d. Linear perspective 5. Fred is blind in one eye and has trouble using binocular depth cues when perceiving visual stimuli. Fred is most likely to have problems doing which of the following. a. Determining depth in a realistic painting of a basket of fruit b. Tracking a thrown baseball that spins away from him as it gets closer c. Seeing the fine details on the surface of a coin that he is holding in his hand d. Sensing apparent movement in a pair of flashing lights that are arranged close to one another in space 6. Undulation of the entire basilar membrane occurs when incoming sound frequencies are _____. 1 a. High b. Low c. Numerous d. Moderate 2...
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sample+items+2[1] - phenomenon is responsible for this...

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