Motivation[1] - Biological Drive and Motivation Motivation...

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Biological Drive and Motivation Motivation does not impact behavior, directly. Rather, motivation represents a collection of thoughts, feelings, or internal biological processes that impact the likelihood that a particular action will be taken. It is the explanation or reason for action. It basically answers the question, " Why do we do that ?" Object or source of motivation can be categorized as follows: 1) Physical (observable) – Descartes thought this was the extent of it all (reflexes; we are just automatons) 2) Mental (unobservable – i.e., expectations, feelings, thoughts, etc.) Feedback: 1) Feedback (loops) – The mechanism by which we focus our behavior at our object of motivation (or by which that object directs our behavior – the answer to how? ). 2) Negative feedback – is most effective (i.e., thermostats and heat); positive feedback; no feedback. 3) Comparison of goal and current state; discrepancy determines our next set of actions and behaviors. 4) Homeostasis – Maintain balance. 5) Active or Passive process? Biological systems that invoke goal of homeostasis : 1) Temperature regulation: a. Ectotherms (i.e., reptiles) regulate their body temperatures externally (i.e., go in shade or go in sun) b. Endotherms (i.e., us) need to be in warmer environments all the time and
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Motivation[1] - Biological Drive and Motivation Motivation...

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