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Hey, everybody. Here is the first set of practice questions (given in class today). As for the top-down versus bottom-up confusion: Examine the slides more closely. I do not mention top-down versus bottom-up until later, and it is not presented in quite the same way as before (i.e., familiarity with stimulus versus unfamiliarity). You can now describe pop-out (feature, easy search) as bottom-up simply b/c a small section (i.e., the letter that "pops out") of the larger object (search array) grabs your attention first since you didn't really examine the whole object - just that part that popped out. If you did have to look at the whole thing first, it would be top-down b/c you're starting from the top (whole object) and working your way through until you find that one target you're looking for (small part of whole). So, bottom-up versus top-down refers to experience/ familiarity verus new, unfamiliar object. .. but it also can refer to the method by which you visually examine ANY object, person, etc. - i.e., look at the whole thing first, then the parts
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