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Questions: What are the major approaches to understanding the American Revolution and its significance? How revolutionary was the American Revolution? (American Revolution and development of the constitution) 1763- French eliminated from North America 1789- George Washington first president (duh) “I am only one blind man, and the world is a very large elephant” American Revolution, from British perspective Necessary, rational, defensible Shocked that the Revolution happened American revolutionaries, did not start out as revolutionaries, were very dedicated to British rule. First major successful colonial independence movement Influenced a series of other revolutions in the world French Revolution of 1789
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Unformatted text preview: Latin American independences 20 th century revolutions, many were opposed by US Fidel Castro: 1950s, expressed admiration for American Rev. Revolution: change people in charge of government, change structure of government. Can also change economy, religion, society, etc Resistance, usually violence, conflict Has to have an overall goal Huge taxes in England, felt that the colonies weren’t paying for the war at all. Overcome salutary neglect. Enforce navigation acts and introduce a stamp act. American thought the British were out to get them, there was a conspiracy against their liberties. Colonies were the most valuable possession the British had, 1/3 of their trading capacity...
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