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MUSI 3610 Review for final

MUSI 3610 Review for final - Test 4 Review Your final will...

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Test 4 Review Your final will cover the Classical Period. The structure of your test will be as follows: 27 questions, 1 point each, 10 of which will be multiple choice, 12 of which will be true/false, and 5 of which will be “listening questions” (identify the composer). You are responsible for all listening guides for the following composers: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert Study tips: Know the chief terms that define the transition to Classicism (1750-1825) and the period itself, beginning with page 179 and ending on page 251. Know the Sonata Allegro form (all movements) and the definitions for all its fundamental parts, and the importance and elements of key in this form. Also be familiar with the Classical concerto evolution to this degree; know the meaning of the cadenza, the orchestral exposition or ritornello adaptation from the previous period as it applies in the 1st movement of the sonata- allegro form, the lyrical style of the 2nd movement in a contrasting key, and the 3rd movement finale, typically in a rondo form.
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