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HIST 2111 Notes 12.03.07

HIST 2111 Notes 12.03.07 - The Union had a more diversified...

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Questions: Could the South have won the civil war? If so, when and how? If not, why not? What were some of the most pivotal “turning points” of the civil war that didn’t turn? James A. Rawley Turning Points of Civil War 23 Union states (22 million) 11 seceeding states (9 million people, 3 ½ million slaves) Union had 4 to 1 person advantage Confederacy could mobilize a larger number of men than the Union b/c of slaves
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Unformatted text preview: The Union had a more diversified economy: food production (north superior) North: ¾ of railroad, most of the canals To win war, Union would have to invade south and take over an area larger than it’s own 1. Border slave states 2. foreign intervention: Trent Affair November 1861 3. Antietam September 19, 1862 5 days after Antietam Lincoln used that to issue his preliminary Emancipation Proclamation...
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