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Psych Handout Child and Adolescent Psychology A child who refuses to go to bed without his favorite blanker may be demonstrating… Ritualistic behavior. A preschool child who has a pretend friend is: Normal In acquiring language: Receptive skill is learned before expressive In helping children speak, it is important for parents to: Talk with the child at a pace and level he understands To facilitate cognitive development preschool children need: Varied experiences In general, the cognitive development of preschool children can be described as: Based on sensory perception of physical properties STUDY QUESTIONS Animism- will cry when they feel their teddy id hurt Seriation- can arrange pieces of uncooked pasta from shortest to longest Conservation- child understands the mount of clay in a clay ball is the same when it gets
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Unformatted text preview: smashed Irreversibility- unable to mentally conceive of returning a poured liquid to its original container Classification- is able to group all red objects together Egocentrism- child believes the sun follows her as she walks Sensorimotor intelligence- (not sure what it is but it means that babies can think by using their senses and motor skills. Preoperational intelligence- does not understand connection between related events Magical thought- child has difficulty matching 2 different factors such as size and shape Schema- child takes in new information and relates it to an existing category Assimilation- (not sure) Concrete operational stage- can reason logically about the events seen...
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