Paper 1 - REQUIREMENTS: Write a 1000-1100-word essay,...

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REQUIREMENTS: Write a 1000-1100-word essay, applying the story of Eve to Tikva Frymer-Kensky's introduction to Reading the Women in the Bible. Demonstrate that you understand the introduction, by pithily summarizing it (just a few sentences in the introductory ¶), and chosing one aspect of it that you are going to critically read in relation to the Eve story. Then, in an organized, step-by-step manner, demonstrate how the story of Eve either supports or diminishes Frymer-Kensky's point of view about Biblical literature. Cite and quote specific passages from each text to demonstrate your point. Footnote format is graded; see K. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Chicago, 1996) or Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago, 2003). 9.25.07 Matriarchs, Misogyny, Mistakes and Microcosms The Creation story in the Bible is one of the many accounts found today that sheds light on the beginning of life on Earth. Specifically it claims to chronicles the events and narratives that took place when man and woman were first created. In Tikva Frymer- Kensky's Introduction to Reading the Women in the Bible, she explains that, within the Bible, there are certain "w W omen Stories" that can be found, and each story is unique in that it portrays women in some new and heroic way. Though they may not always seem to be the heroines in the classic/noble sense of the word, in each story their presence is felt, and their roles in Biblical times manifest themselves in 4 unique ways: Frymer- Kensky classifies these 4 roles of women as victors, victims, voices and virgins. In relation to the Creation story - arguably the most important "Woman Story" found in the Bible - it is important to see what category Eve falls into in Frymer-Kensky's four- cornered box of paradigmatic women. Upon close examination of the Creation story and analysis of the criteria we are given to identify the 4
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Paper 1 - REQUIREMENTS: Write a 1000-1100-word essay,...

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