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1A. The east coast(Swahili villages) and the Ghana kingdom in northwest Africa. 1B. Exported: Ivory, gold, slaves, silver, and other exotic local products. Imported: cloth, salt. The Mansa Musa(leader of ) converted to Islam and made a spectical of traveling to Mecca, dropping off slaves and gold to his hosts along the way. Also “converting” to Islam made trade easier particularly among the Swahili, so the Muslim traders could relate better and so be more trusting of the Africans(getting better deals, more products to trade, etc.) Africans were affected just as much by Christianity and incorporated about the same amount based on the benefits both religions had on the economy and society. Limiting the focus of the affect of foreign religion to Islam does injustice to both Africa and Christian history, and thereby sensationalizes Islam as much as Mansa Musa’s Mecca pilgrimage was. 2. The “wide field of social action: the routines, assumptions, and compelling experiences
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Unformatted text preview: of daily life at all the emotional, moral, and aesthetic levels through which Aztecs sought to understand their world and identify its “necessities” was by sacrificing people to the “necessities” of their society ( &PID=32322). 4. Inca: A boy was to go to battle and die gloriously in warfare. A girl was to provide water, grind food, and sweat by the hearth. Basically this was Aztecs: there were no stereotyped skilled tasks in which they were trained at an early age to be compared to the spinning and weaving skills of girls. Men went to warfare, women.women wove and worked only for their families, but as chiefdoms and small kingdoms developed, the local rulers began to demand tribute (taxes), largely demanded in the form of cloth, which was manufactured almost exclusively by women....
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