Chesapeake1 - The Chesapeake and the Atlantic In 1606,...

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The Chesapeake and the Atlantic In 1606, English colonists landed in the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, life there was much different than in England. The Susan Constant , the Godspeed , and the Discovery , carried 104 men and boys to a marshy peninsula where Jamestown was to be founded. “The first Virginians were neither stupid nor suicidal. Jamestown seemed the ideal place to build a fort” (Breen and Hall, 2004, 87). The colonists had been endangered, and yet at times, had been saved from the Indians nearby. The unpreparedness, and the inability to submit to constant work, was too much for the colonists, many of whom were nobles. Jamestown was virtually doomed from the beginning. A newly formed council “forced a desperate collection of Englishmen to work in harmony lest they perish—no small task in light of the settlers’ obstinate individualism and the forest’s abundant demand for profits”(Plane, 2007, 23). The upper class individuals might have assumed that the lower class men should be doing the work. The labor system that was in England was far different than what was needed in Jamestown. Some men even pursued personal interests of fortune instead of helping to guard or farm. “There was no talke, no hope, no worke, but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, loade gold…”(Smith, John, 1608, 23). Smith’s social commentary alludes to the fact that individual wants were far above individual needs. Wahunsaunacock was the leader, or Powhatan, of the Powhatan tribe,
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Chesapeake1 - The Chesapeake and the Atlantic In 1606,...

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