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Physical Geology Lab Exam 1 (week of 10/2/2006) This Exam will begin at the start of lab and will include questions from the first three labs. The lab will be open for review sessions the week before and the week of the lab exam so that you can study the minerals. See D2L for details on the review session times. (you will be provided a calculator and a ruler if necessary) y Know the relative densities of ocean lithosphere, continental lithosphere, and asthenosphere and how they behave isostatically (i.e., do they sink, float, float high/float low, etc) y Be able to calculate densities when given mass and volume y Be able to compare the densities of different materials and how they would behave isostatically y Be able to determine direction of plate movement by examining a map of hot spot volcanoes y Be able to calculate plate velocities (given the distance a plate has moved and the time it took to move that far) y Know the types of plate boundaries and examples of each
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