lecture 7 atmosphere pollution

lecture 7 atmosphere pollution - Atmospheric pollution Most...

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1 Atmospheric pollution Most air pollutants are quickly dispersed and removed from air, making them rather harmless Other pollutants may cause everything from a dull sky to death A 1952 London smog event, a combination of smoke and fog, killed nearly 4000 people Many industrial centers and large cities have air pollution problems stemming from industrial processes and photochemical smog resulting from automobiles and certain atmospheric conditions Atmospheric pollution Pollution may be divided into either Primary pollutants , those emitted directly into the atmosphere Secondary pollutants , resulting from chemical transformations that occur as compounds intercept shortwave radiation Atmospheric pollution Particulate matter Carbon monoxide Sulfur compounds Nitrogen compounds Volatile organic compounds Ozone U.S. pollution sources Particulates (aerosols) Either solid or liquid materials in the air Stem from both natural and anthropogenic sources Range in size from 0.1 to 100 μ m
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2 Atmospheric Pollution Sources of Particulates Natural sources include fires, volcanic eruptions, salt from breaking waves, and vegetation sources (pollen) Human sources largely involve combustion of fossil fuels in creating primary and secondary particulates Atmospheric pollution Effects of Particulates Particulates relate to factors such as reduced visibility and health concerns Smaller particulates, or PM 10 particulates (< 10 μ m), enter the lungs and affect health Even smaller particulates, PM 2.5 , have been deemed even more dangerous Atmospheric pollution Removal of Particulates remain suspended in the atmosphere for long
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lecture 7 atmosphere pollution - Atmospheric pollution Most...

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