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M. Ryan Haley Spring 2008 Business and Economic Statistics Economics 210 Problem Set #1 1 Introduction The purpose of this problem set is to have you practice using a computer (Excel or Minitab) to produce some of the various types of descriptive statistics we have discussed in class. It is important to learn when these methods are and are not applicable and (perhaps most importantly) how to properly scrutinize and interpret the output. Recall, as per the syllabus, that each problem is worth 1 point. All of these problems will make use of the data file wages.xls , which I have already posted on D2L in the “Content” folder.
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Additional details about the data set appear in your textbook on pages 508–511. 2 Problems 1. The data set contains twelve variables (X1–X12). List the quantitative data variables. 2. Create a frequency distribution and a histogram for the Wage variable (X1). 3. Report the mean, median, and standard deviation for the Wage (X1), Education (X4), and Experience (X9) data variables. 4. Create a pie chart for the Occupation variable (X3). 1 If you choose to use Minitab, simply copy and paste the Excel data into the Minitab data editor (worksheet), and then commence with your analysis. 1...
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