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Amer. Gov., Review 2, W07 - QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT Some...

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QUESTIONS TO THINK ABOUT Some Extremely Important Terms: Stare Decisis Writ of Certiorari Elements of an Opinion Senatorial Courtesy Political Question Civil Liberty First Amendment Libel/Slander Fourth Amendment Incorporation Theory Hecklers’ Veto Fourteenth Amendment Exclusionary Rule Civil Rights Plessy v. Ferguson Common Law EEOC Grandfather Clause Literacy Test White Primary Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Questions from Textbook What is the history of affirmative action in the United States? What is sexual harassment? What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? How has federalism evolved? Some Big Questions: 1. What are the stages of American political philosophy? 2. How did we get a right to privacy ? 3. How extensive are abortion rights ? 4. What speech (proper/symbolic) is protected by the First Amendment? 5. Is obscene speech protected by the First Amendment? How has the Supreme Court defined obscenity ?
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