Environmental Policy, Tutorial

Environmental Policy, Tutorial - Environmental Policy...

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Environmental Policy Independent Study Spring 2005 Dr. Joseph M. Morris Preston 112 (814) 824-2154 jmorris@mercyhurst.edu Contact Information: Office, Preston 112; Phone, (814) 824-2154; Email, jmorris@mercyhurst.edu Office Hours: 11:00-12:00, 2:00-3:00 MWF; 1:00-3:00 TTH These are my official office hours, but my door is always open. I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy talking to you, so if you have questions that we did not answer in class, or if you want to explore an idea, come by. The best time to catch me is in the morning. If I am not in my office, leave a note on/under my door and I will get back to you. Meeting Time, Place and Location: Tutorials are challenging learning experiences. They require students to take responsibility for their own learning and actively seek answers from places other than the professor. While my office door is always open to you, I expect that you will make an effort to answer your own questions. The purpose of our meetings (two hours per week) will be to discuss your answers to assigned questions and to explore them in greater detail. Completing the assigned reading and answering the assigned questions is not and option. We will meet in my office (Preston 112) on
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This note was uploaded on 04/25/2008 for the course POLI 224 taught by Professor Morris during the Spring '08 term at Mercyhurst.

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Environmental Policy, Tutorial - Environmental Policy...

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