Amer. Gov., Review 1, W07

Amer. Gov., Review 1, W07 - AMERICAN GOVERNMENT EXAM 1 Some...

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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: EXAM 1 Some Extremely Important Terms: Politics Government Power Authority Aristocracy Sovereignty Socialization Natural Rights Social Contract Legitimacy Unitary System Confederacy New Jersey Plan Virginia Plan Great Compromise Enumerated Powers Elastic Clause Concurrent Powers Supremacy Clause Commerce Clause Public Opinion Gender Gap Ideologue Some Big Questions From Class: Who has political knowledge in the United States? Why is this the case? Why does it matter? What is a political system? How does the public interest (economic and social/moral) arise? What is ideology? Should we consent to be governed? What is democracy? Can we have democracy and effective government at the same time? Did the Articles of Confederation encourage the development of democracy? Did the Constitution allow the development of democracy? How did it deal with “factions?” What is federalism and how has it changed? Some Big Questions From Assigned Readings:
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