vulnerability - IR 339 Vulnerability James Chen These are...

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IR 339 James Chen Vulnerability These are studies that are in favor of factoring all the conditions for environmental risk, with their main focus being the currently missing element of community or social factors. The conditions that define vulnerability are a bewildering array of terms. The study of vulnerability of human and natural systems to climate change and variability is a relatively new field of research that brings together experts from a wide range of fields, including climate science, development studies, disaster management, health, social science, policy development and economics, to name but a few areas. If vulnerability can even be assessed, the next issue is determining the potential for adaptation and the reaction and actions taken to improve or enhance it. These studies establish, especially with Brooks and the Tydall center, that vulnerability is also socially constructed, and not just dependent on the geographical distribution of climatic or other threats, while the adaptive capacity is also socially constructed but may be environmentally or geographically constrained; depends heavily on socio-economic, political and institutional factors. The adaptive potential reduces a system’s vulnerability to hazards occurring in the future (allowing the system time to adapt in an anticipatory manner) or to hazards that involve slow
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vulnerability - IR 339 Vulnerability James Chen These are...

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