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For Thursday, April 10, review Epictetus all. Be sure to read White’s “Introduction,” 1- 10. Paper #2 is due April 15 th . 1. Epictetus (pronounced Epic TEE tus) Not Greek (our only non-Greek), but Roman, born about 55 CE. But wrote in “koine (or common) Greek,” the lingua franca of the Mediterranean. Actually, these are likely the lecture notes of his student Flavius Arrianus. 2. Epictetus, unlike most philosophers today, wanted to be practical. He wanted to teach his philosophers how to be happy. Though the term happy is a little misleading? The Greek term is eudalmonia, and is best translated as living well your whole life long. A. Epictetus referred to his school as a “hospital,” and that is about right: he is out to cure you of the unhappiness that attends the disease of living everyday. “For what is philosophy? Does it not mean making preparation to meet the things that come upon us?” 3. How does one do this? The answer is simple. (Chapter 8.) “Do not seek to have events
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