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105A_samplequiz1_key - Chem 105A Summer 2003 Lab Quiz 19...

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Chem 105A Lab Quiz Summer 2003 19 June, 2003 Name ________________________________________________________________________ Choose any five problems from the following set of ten. Indicate clearly which problem you are solving on the blank pieces of paper provided. Solve ONE problem per page, please! Total = ANSWER KEY
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1. A piece of jewelry was weighed on a laboratory balance with the following results. Calculate the average mass and it’s uncertainty. State the statistical measurement that you used for your uncertainty. Determination # Result (g) 1 23.4 2 25.6 3 21.7 4 23.7 5 22.6 6 23.4 7 25.0 Average mass = 24 ± 1 g using one standard deviation as my measure of uncertainty 2. The mass of an object is 45.235 ± 0.006 g. Its volume is 5.1 ± 0.1 mL. How should the density of the object be reported? The error in volume is much greater than the error in mass. The reported error in the density should be equal to the largest relative error since density is a quotient. 8.9 ± 0.2 g/mL 3. A certain manufacturer claims that his antacid is able to consume seven times its weight in excess stomach acid. If we approximate the composition of stomach acid as 1.00 M HCl with a
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