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Computer Industry - predominately California, Nevada, and...

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The Computer Industry Fred Federico, Leah Gettens, and Brian Hammond In 2003 the total revenue for the computer industry was $72,624,600,000 and then dropped in 2004 to 67,111,500,000. As you can see the industry is somewhat declining. Major distributors in the industry include Staples and Office Depot. The main software distributors are IBM, Tech Data, Dell Computer Corp., and Arrow Electronics Inc. Major suppliers include General Electric Company and Spartech Corporation. Product advancements and price are factors that cause the demand to either rise or to fall. Price and product quality, performance, and reliability are types of competing in the computer industry. The largest share in the industry is electronic computer manufacturing at 47.6%, which includes PC’s, workstations, and portable computers. Sales and Wholesalers both have the largest market segment share at 40%. In 2004 the top four companies in the computer industry accounted for 58 % of total revenue accumulated. The far west region of the United States consisting of
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Unformatted text preview: predominately California, Nevada, and Arizona contains the most companys at 34.7 %. There are several examples of how technology affects the industry. IBM are trying desperately to reduce the price or add value to personal computers through a new innovations. One working concept to achieve this is that network computers will rely on external servers which will provide computing power. The computer industry is extremely volatile as the newest technologies drive the up the demand and increase the competition between other neighbor companies. Globalization affects the computer industry directly through importing and Exporting, it is estimated that 40 % of shipments are exported while 60 % is imported of domestic demand. Establishing brand names is a huge plus for the company as it helps consumers relate with their product. To concluded the industry has forecasted that the profit margins should slightly decrease in the next five years....
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Computer Industry - predominately California, Nevada, and...

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