history midterm review

history midterm review - John D Rockefeller late 19th...

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John D. Rockefeller- late 19 th century; president of standard oil; achieved horizontal integration using trusts; hard-worker from strange family structure; “robber-baron”- anti- labor and intimidated competition; donated money (philanthropist) Jim Crow – late 19 th century; segregation laws in the south (ride rear of streetcars; separate facilities; curfew in Moble, Alabama); “one-drop” Dawes Act- 1887; Dawes Severalty Act; Congress reversed reservation policy; authorized dissolution of community-owned Indian property and granted land allotments to Indian families; awarded citizenship to people who took allotments; allowed government to sell unallocated land to whites; reduced native control of land Andrew Carnegie- 1870s-1880s; steel baron; “gospel of wealth”- he and other industrialists were guardians of society’s wealth and as such had to serve society in humane ways; philanthropist- defining where money went, not translating to decent wages; horizontal integration; Bessemer process- costs and railroads "new" immigration- early 20 th century; foreign customs made them seem more alien; did not speak English; low-skill jobs; eastern and southern Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Austria Hungary, Russia Spanish-American War- late 19 th century; during McKinley’s term; ejected Spain from Cuba and opened new world markets Samoa- late 19 th century; 14 islands halfway between Hawaii and Australia; Grant administration- “friendship” agreement. Germany declares war. US helped Samoa- going to war but never did- divided land as if it was their own; American Samoa 1920s; US economic interest political involvement exploiting US “helping” Philippines insurrection Populism- late 19 th century; political doctrine that asserts the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite; people’s party; southern blacks —crushed by disenfranchisement settlement houses- created during the Progressive movement during early 1900s. help lower-classes raise up. Different classes coming together to help those in need.
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history midterm review - John D Rockefeller late 19th...

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