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Kaitlyn Herthel October 15, 2007 Journal #5 SRHR situation in Lithuania In present day Lithuania, family planning is not seen as an issue to the government. While reproductive health services are provided, they are only provided by a State Family Planning Center. At such a center, citizens must pay for the services they receive and also have to worry about government interference, and potentially not receiving correct facts regarding their family planning options. Currently, there is no legislation regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. By not recognizing women’s reproductive rights, the Lithuanian government is denying equal rights between the sexes and equal participation in society. Abortion is very common among Lithuanian women. Three times as many
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Unformatted text preview: abortions occur in Lithuania as other countries in Northern Europe. Part of this may be because, interestingly enough, a non-surgical abortion costs one-third the price of oral contraception for one year ($17.50 compared to roughly $60.00). Abortion rights in the country are currently under attack, with a recent Draft to Ban Abortion, proposed in April 2005. The draft was struck down. For adolescents, parental consent is required to obtain a legal abortion. Because of this, many young people seek illegal abortions instead, so they can avoid telling their parents. Lithuanian women are still beneath men when it comes to SRHR. With time and education, one can only hope that the government will begin to acknowledge the rights of women and their bodies....
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