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Prehistory stage of Women’s history Compensatory history honors great women but doesn’t change anything for women Social history – ordinary experiences worth studying Early Chesapeake English notions of gender- patriarchy. Single women had more rights than married. High mortality rate caused transition of social realities… Unbalanced sex ration (3 men:1 woman) gave women legal leverage Women worked on the farm. Materially poor society. Native Americans of area- Powotans. Matralineal society (children’s inheritance comes from mother’s brother) Gender systems in the Chesapeake: African, English, Native American. Native Americans had ‘3 rd gender’ whereas men could take on feminine traits and dress like women English bought disease, displacement and war to colonies. 20,000 NA in 1600 => 2000 in 1700 Exploitation of Africans for labor. 1619 first Africans imported to Jamestown, but not slaves. Children weren’t slaves and they could live out servitude, then own property *1643- VA changed laws for tighables (tax-able people who worked the land). White/black men could be taxed and
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