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Journal 6 - During World War II for instance women were...

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Kaitlyn Herthel October 15, 2007 Journal #6 During a war or other serious crisis should women suspend their equality claims or continue demanding their rights? Women should never give up in their strive for equality and should never settle, be it in time of war or any serious crisis. As women, we need to illustrate to the masses that we are strong and that all people are created equal. By suspending the fight for equality, we only prove that we will easily step down. We suggest to others that we do not have enough self-confidence to believe that we are equal. As history shows, women gain at least a façade of equality during times of war and international or national struggle and hardships.
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Unformatted text preview: During World War II, for instance, women were called to the workforce to produce goods and take the jobs that the men, now soldiers oversees, were once employed by. This empowerment rolls over to times of peace, as shown when women weren’t yet ready to give up their factory jobs and return to the household. Women need to stand strong no matter what external circumstances are. An uneven spectrum of female empowerment, passive females, and so on only weakens the feminist argument for gender equality. Women need to do more than just claim equality when the country can afford to make changes; we need to live and preach our goals of human and gender equality....
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