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cuban missile crisis discussion

cuban missile crisis discussion - been wrong when...

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Kaitlyn Herthel April 28, 2008 Development of US II: Section 09 Discussion: Cuban Missile Crisis 1. ExComm transcipt #1: Tuesday, October 16, 6:30pm (Day One of the crisis; second ExComm meeting of the day) The ExComm (Executive Committee of the National Security Council) is comprised of the following government officials: President John F. Kennedy General Carter Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy Secretary of State Dean Rusk Assistant Secretary of of State for Inter-American Affairs Edwin Martin Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff General Maxwell Taylor Attorney General Robert Kennedy a) The ExComm is questioning whether or not Cuba is storing missiles, and what they should do to remedy the situation. President JF Kennedy is skeptical, because the US has
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Unformatted text preview: been wrong when predicting Khrshchev’s actions before. General Carter and Secretary of State Robert McNamara are affirming the presence of MRBMs, or medium-range missiles. McNamara is identifying what needs to be done- the “need to develop a specific [air] strike plan limited to the missiles and the nuclear storage sites” and “as a government, […] consider[ing] the consequences” (229). General Taylor suggests that no action should be taken, because the consequences of such are far too severe. JF Kennedy would rather be prepared to do something and have nothing be done, rather than to be caught unprepared. Meanwhile, others (especially General Taylor) suggest that no firm plans be made until they are certain that the data they have regarding missiles on Cuba is correct....
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