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Fashion and Consumer Culture Seminar 2 19 08

Fashion and Consumer Culture Seminar 2 19 08 - -Advertising...

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Fashion and Consumer Culture Seminar February 19, 2008 Hunger as Ideology  (Susan Bordo) -The article focuses on food advertising in relation to gender norms.  Media  culture encourages women to retain small portions and use food, or the lack  thereof, to gain control in a world that is run by men.  We are still influenced by  Victorian gender ideology. -Beauty is a cultural construct.  For example, the curvy woman is the epitome of  beauty in Hispanic culture, but the slender Westernized woman is quickly  becoming the standard of beauty worldwide. -Food marketing has a sexual and scandalous undertone.  For women, desire for  food relates to desire for sex, but for men, it appears more innocent.
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Unformatted text preview: -Advertising uses products to give women what they don’t have right now. For example, Virginia Slims cigarettes will give women power, control, and agency.-Most foods marketed towards women are diet foods. ? Are women becoming more or less liberated through the use of advertising? While advertising is reducing societal standards for women, allowing women to be more ‘free,’ it is also encouraging standards of beauty and female ideals. From Salvation to Self-Realization: Advertising and the Therapeutic Roots of Consumer Culture, 1880-1930 (T.J. Jackson Lears)...
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