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Experiment Number Ten: Interference and Diffraction of Light By Midn Peter M Myers Done on the 30 of November 2000 Partners in crime/lab Section 4e3
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Purpose: |To investigate the interference and diffraction of light through various slits, using a laser as a coherent monochromatic light source. To prove the wave theory of light, in the fringe relationships. Procedure: The first step was to locate a laptop that would connect to the machine. Once we found two seperate systems for the class we started with part II Double slits. The class found the intensity of the light while it was blocked as well as when it was not blocked. When it was found to be near 30 units we inserted the slit and found it’s center point. Next the
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Unformatted text preview: Error: Results: Disclaimer Sheet This is to certify that the lab report submitted along with this sheet is entirely my own work, not produced with assistance of any ponies, nor any other laboratory reports (except certain sections worked on jointly by my lab partners with the permission of my instructor). In addition, I certify that I have not permitted my laboratory report, whether in preliminary form or final form, to be used by any other students. Exception is noted in the above paragraph. M/N_________________ Date_____________________ Experiment__________________________________________________________...
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lab8 - Error: Results: Disclaimer Sheet This is to certify...

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