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Philosophy Final - Philosophy 140g: Contemporary Moral and...

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Philosophy 140g: Contemporary Moral and Social Issues final examination review sheet The purpose of this review sheet This is the list of study questions for the final exam, scheduled for Monday, May 7 th , as scheduled in the official university exam schedule. If you can comfortably answer all of the questions on this review sheet, then you are well on your way to doing well on the exam. If you struggle with the review sheet, then you can expect to struggle on the exam. That is also evidence that you have not been keeping up with the course. In addition to this review sheet, adequate preparation for the exam should include reviewing the review questions for each of the readings for the course. You are encouraged to study together for the exam – another student may remember something important that you have forgotten, or correct your misunderstanding of the material. I have reserved our regular classroom, SGM 123, from 5:00-7:00 pm on Friday, May 4 th , for a review session, assuming that some of you decide to organize one. I will not lead a review session, but if some of you organize one, I will come for part of it, as I did for the midterm. The composition of the exam You may expect the exam to be similar in structure, with similar sorts of questions, to the midterm. There is no guarantee that the questions will be drawn from this review sheet, but I do promise you that writing out answers to these review questions, and comparing your answers to your notes and to the online lecture slides, is the best way to study for the exam. I was somewhat disappointed with how the midterm went, and I believe there were two contributing factors: I think you can be better prepared, and I think that I can write a better exam. I will do my best to improve on the midterm in at least two main ways: I will try to make my expectations clearer for every question which appears on the exam, and I expect that it will be somewhat easier to score full points on this exam. I still expect, however, total scores to range from the low 20’s to the 90’s, and grades will again be determined by the curve. You will find approximately half of this review sheet familiar; they are the questions from the midterm review sheet. The final exam is cumulative; you should expect approximately 35-40% of the exam to cover the part of the class covered by the midterm, and you should neither expect questions to be limited to those which did, or to those which did not, appear on the midterm. The Review Questions Define: Validity, soundness, formal validity, supererogatory, utilitarianism, consequentialism, intrinsic value, instrumental value, hedonism, maxims, the Tragedy of the Commons, free riding, categorical imperatives, hypothetical imperatives, counterexamples, slippery slopes, moral status, personhood, quickening, viability, the Trump Principle, thought experiment, teleological, active/passive euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, voluntary/involuntary/non-
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2008 for the course PHIL 140g taught by Professor Kwon during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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Philosophy Final - Philosophy 140g: Contemporary Moral and...

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