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ACCELERATION ON AN INCLINED PLANE -LAB- Section 4D8 By MIDN Christopher March Group Members: Chad Mickleson Melony Hidebrant Geoffrey Davies
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Objective: To measure motion on an incline plane, by using the acceleration of gravity. We will use an air-track to simulate a frictionless surface. Procedure: The first thing that the group did was to measure the flag, which we used to do the experiment. To do the group put the first part of the flag through the photocell until it started running. The group then made a note of where the cart was on the air track. We then moved the cart slowly until the timer stopped running. The group then subtracted the two numbers that they had, and came up with the length of the flag. After that the group then measured out 100cm on the air track. We did this by saying that we were going to start the cart at 40cm. The group then put the cart at 140cm and moved the timer so that when the front of the cart hit 140, the timer would start running.
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