08 canada - -1840's Oneida migration Iroquois...

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2/21/08 Language groups of the Iroquoians and Algonquian Speakers of the Iroquian language -St. lawrence -Huron -Petun -Neutral -Iroquios (consisting of five or later six bands) Iroquois -Cayuga -Mohawk -Oneida -Onondaga -Seneca United by Deganawidah and Hiawatha -Tuscarora (1711-1713) Iroquoian Natural Environment -Forests -River Valleys -Farmlands (crops) Iroquoian Economic Production -Primarily horticulture (3 sisters garden) -Subsidized by hunting and gathering -Lived in long houses -Built palisades -Canoes Iroquoian Demography -Large groups -Primarily sedentary -Traveled to hunt or when crops rotated Iroquoian Sociocultural Environment -Matrilineal (decent from your mothers heritage, and your mothers brother is the most important male of the family) -Male chiefs are chosen by clan mothers -Clans -Totems -Vision quest -Shamans -Tobacco
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-Sachems -Feast of the dead -Wampum Iroquois migrations -Late 1600's, influenced by the jesuits -1711-1713 Tuscarora Wars -U.S. Revolutionary war (allied with the losing side)
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Unformatted text preview: -1840's Oneida migration Iroquois migrations-Late 1600's, influenced by the jesuits-1711-1713 Tuscarora Wars-U.S. Revolutionary war (allied with the losing side)-1840's Oneida migration Speakers of the Algonquian/Algonkian Language-All non Iroquoian and non Inuit speakers-From Eastern Canada south to the Carolinas Natural enviroment-Rivers-Valleys-Oceans-Forests Economic production Toboggans-Hunting-Wigwams-Fishing-Gathering-Snowshoes-Small crops-Land animals-Canoes (Birch bark or dugout) Demography-Primarily nomadic-Small-groups-Followed the resources according to seasons-United in the summer for gatherings, dispersed into small family groups in the fall Sociocultural Enviroment-Patrilineal-Totems-Vision Quest-Tobbaco-Shamans-Sachems-Cross cousin marriage-Scapulimancy (ceremony burn shoulder bone of a caribou scapula, to give directions)-Egalitarian-Wampum-Shaking Tent (Small tent Shamans enter and talk to grandfathers)-First ceremonies...
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08 canada - -1840's Oneida migration Iroquois...

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