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08 canada - III Dutch-Mainly here for...

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2/14/08 Europeans Continued Main European characters I. English -Wanted native land -Primogeniture (land inheritance to oldest son) -Treated natives as savages -For resources (fish,ores,wood,furs) -Interacted with natives for trade and defense purposes -Preferred not to live with natives II. French -For resources/trade (fish,furs,ores) -Interacted with natives for trade and defense -Intermarried with natives
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Unformatted text preview: III. Dutch-Mainly here for resources/trade (fish,furs,ores)-Interacted with natives for trade IV. (Spanish) Alliances-English allied with the Iroquoians (except the Huron)-French allied with the Algonquians and the Huron Spelling Differences Iroquois- 5/6 Bands Algonkin- Tribe/band Algonquin- Tribe/band Iroquoian Algonkian Algonquian All relate to language...
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