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New Sample Questions for Exam 1 for webpage - Sample...

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Sociology 134, Sections 1-18 Fall 2007 Test yourself with these questions just like you were taking the examination. Then check your answers with the correct answers at the bottom. 1. Which of the following is a belief held by most Americans? a. There is life after death for humans. b. The family is more important than women’s rights. c. The individual is more important than the group. d. Some animals have souls equivalent in value to human souls 2. What aspect of society do conflict theory and Karl Marx focus on? a. The unequal sharing of the “goods” of a society between different groups b. The idea that not all parts of a society contribute to its stability all the time c. The roles that each aspect of society fulfills d. The meanings that people attach to their behavior 3. Which of these is considered taboo in U.S. society? a. not standing during the National Anthem b. sleeping on a mattress on the floor c. cannibalism d. speeding 4. According to George Ritzer’s in “The McDonaldization of Society”, society is becoming: a. Irrational b. Predictable c. Anarchic d. Wealthy 5. A person from the U.S. travels to China and is amazed and uneasy about seeing so many people packed together in cities. This traveler is experiencing __________? a. Culture shock b. Culture confusion c. Culture uncertainty d. The Ugly American syndrome 6. Chinese immigrants and their offspring who live in Chinatown in San Francisco are an example of a ______? a. Popular culture b. Subculture c. High culture d. Counterculture 7. According to C. W. Mills, the difficulties that Evan and Noreen experience in their marriage represent a personal trouble. The fact that nearly one marriage out of every two marriages
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New Sample Questions for Exam 1 for webpage - Sample...

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