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English 150 Essay 3: Writing about ISU Art-on-Campus (500 words) Purpose and Audience The purpose of this essay is to describe and analyze a piece of art at Iowa State University and how it fits into its surroundings. Your essay should be of interest to people who have ISU connections. You will work in groups of three to gather some of the information for your individual papers. Each of you will hand in your own paper , but you will all also contribute something to your group’s overall knowledge and insight about the artwork you have been assigned to analyze. Getting Started Read visual communication principles in the Student’s Guide: English 150-250 (pp. 32-47). Read Part 2 in Getting the Picture . Planning The following are planning activities for you and your group: First, as an individual and then as a group, spend some time with the artwork , writing down what you see and what your initial reactions and thoughts about it are. Plan to visit the piece three times, one of those times as an individual. While your reactions and thoughts will certainly be emotional and personal, on some level, the overall goal of the paper is to analyze the piece, so move beyond whether you like or don’t like the piece to what it “means” to you, in its specific setting, and to Iowa State as a community. Check out the ISU Museums websites http://www.museums.iastate.edu/ DAOC/home.html and http://www.museums.iastate.edu/Tests/AOC FactSheet.htm to see if there is information on your assigned art piece. 1)
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_3_Art_on_Campus - English 150 Essay 3 Writing about ISU...

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