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English 150 The World of Work Exploring an Ethical Issue in your Career Field Assignment 5.1: The Report (approx. 700 words) In the series of assignments 5.1 Report, 5.2 Brochure, and 5.3 Oral Report, the material and focus of your report on an ethical issue in your field of study will provide material for your brochure . Your work on the report and brochure will then be the basis for an oral presentation to the class. Report Audience and Purpose The purpose is for you to gain deeper insight into a career field or field of study by gathering information on the larger repercussions or impacts that come from the actions involved in the operations of that field. By discussing a potentially controversial issue that arises from the activities, products, and effects of your career area, you should get a stronger sense of how your industry operates , how it affects people, environments, and communities on the inside and outside of it, and what are some of the social, political, and environmental costs associated with it . Your report should inform us about what you discovered, but you do not need to take a position on the issue, nor develop an argument for action. The audience for your report is anyone working or studying in your field who should be informed about the existence of ethical issues in the field. This includes university professors teaching in the field, students studying it, and professionals working in it, as well as anyone living among the communities affected by it. This audience will want specific, detailed evidence about the issue you discuss, as they may need to make informed decisions based on what you reveal about the topic. What is an “ethical” issue and how do I discover one for my topic? Ethics is a major branch of philosophy encompassing how we define right conduct and
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_5AssignEthicReport - English 150 The World of Work Report,...

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