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Article Analysis Worksheet (A Profile) • General questions about the daily activities involved in the job • The person’s prior experience and/or accomplishments • The person’s education and/or background • Challenges the person faces, professionally and personally • The environment the person works in • Other peoples’ interaction and/or reaction to the person • Issues or controversy which arises in the job Opening Strategies p. 86-87 and 94 1. Use forecasting words or phrases so the reader is clear on the focus for your profile. 2. Begin by referring to something the reader knows about, appreciates, or can recognize. 3. Create a scene the reader can recognize. 4. Tell a story that shows a conflict or problem. 5. Suggest a contrast between what the reader knows and what the writer is going to say. Structure Strategies p. 95 1. Uses transition words or phrases. 2. Begins a new paragraph by referring to information contained in the preceding
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Article_Analysis_Worksheet_Portfolio - Article Analysis...

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