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WOW_Question_Guidelines_Wksht - English 150#4 World of Work...

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English 150 - #4 World of Work Interview Question Guidelines Most interviews seek to achieve one or more of the following goals: 1. Obtain the interviewee's knowledge about the topic 2. Obtain the interviewee's opinion and/or feelings about the topic 3. Feature the interviewee as the subject It's important that you know exactly why you are conducting an interview and which goal(s) you are aiming for. Stay focused on questions and techniques which will achieve them. Do your homework. You will be expected to have a basic knowledge of your subject. Do not roll up to an interview with a band and ask them how many albums they have released — you should know this already. If you show your lack of preparation, you lose credibility and risk being a nuisance. Before you conduct the interview: do a little research on the job itself (and the person, if possible) to help guide your initial interview questions and follow-up questions • General facts about the daily activities involved in the job • The person’s prior experience and/or accomplishments
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