Field Research Guidelines and Locations

Field Research Guidelines and Locations - (515 795-2635...

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R ELIGIOUS  C OMMUNITIES  F IELD  R ESEARCH General Guidelines Essentially, just follow the Golden Rule, as espoused by a variety of world religious traditions. Try to put yourselves in the shoes  of our hosts and be as respectful as possible.  For instance, in a religious service, try to blend into the religious service or  meeting as much as possible so as to avoid any unnecessary discomfort for those around you.  Ask about when and where it  would be appropriate to bring a notepad for recording your observations.  Participate as much as you feel comfortable doing. Be  friendly, and let other people show you hospitality.  Be respectful and appreciative guests. General Listing of Ames’ Religious Communities Other Local Religious Communities of Possible Interest Hinduism Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Iowa 3392 155 th  Lane Madrid, IA 50156
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Unformatted text preview: (515) 795-2635 Appt: 9/28, 6:00pm Sikhism Sikh Temple of Iowa 1115 Walnut St West Des Moines, IA 50265 (515) 255-5755 Judaism (Reform) Ames Jewish Congregation 3721 Calhoun Ave, Ames, IA (515) 233-1347 Note: this community is hosting a special Shabbat service for visitors on Saturday, March 3 rd , starting at 9:40am. Please let the instructor know if you plan to attend so that he can pass along that information to the event coordinator. Agnosticism/Atheism ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society 11/30, 6:00pm, 129 Ross Hall Note: although this obviously is not a religious group, there may be ways in which such a group functions like religious groups. You will need insight and creativity as you attempt to put your definition and questionnaire to work here....
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Field Research Guidelines and Locations - (515 795-2635...

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