Spanish Cultural Diversity 2003

Spanish Cultural Diversity 2003 - Cultural Diversity...

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Cultural Diversity Assignment Social Issues in the Spanish-Speaking World Step 1: Think about social issues affecting people in Latin America (South America,  Central America, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean) and choose one that interests  you. The issue may be one of the following, or one of your own choosing (in consultation with  the professor): Crime Poverty Women’s rights Status of Indigenous people Civil Rights Health care Education Environment  Urban expansion Immigration/Emigration Step 2: Research this problem drawing on at least three different sources. You may use  the internet, but at least one source must be in print form. You may use Web encyclopedias  (such as Wikipedia), but such sources do not count toward the three required sources. At least  one source must be in Spanish. All sources must be from 1990 or later. The sources need not 
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focus exclusively on your country, but your must be mentioned among those affected by the  problem. Step 3: Write a two-page essay (12 pt./ double-spaced) in Spanish discussing the  findings of your research. The essay should be NO LESS THAN TWO PAGES, NO MORE  THAN THREE.  The essay should include proper citation and should be accompanied by a  bibliography.  Step 4: Complete the essay and submit it to your instructor by  April 27.  The essay will  constitute 5% of the final grade (4% for content; 1% for Spanish). In contrast to the lost decade of the eighties, in which GDP per capita declined by nine percent, the economic reforms introduced in the early 1990’s have brought about a resumption of growth and a decline in poverty in much of the region. This improvement in the region’s economic fortunes followed a sustained reform effort by many countries aimed at enhancing the role of market forces and increasing the region’s integration into the global economy. It is important to note that the largest poverty reductions in the
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Spanish Cultural Diversity 2003 - Cultural Diversity...

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