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Exam 2 Essay Questions

Exam 2 Essay Questions - Exam 2 Essay Questions 2 Popular...

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Exam 2 Essay Questions 2. Popular culture in Latin America is not something that suddenly sprang up out of nowhere. The many aspects of popular culture have been around for many years. Televised soccer and telenovelas, dance and music are three examples of popular culture that not only have been present for a long time; they also contribute and help mold to Latin America’s national identity. In the book Companion to Latin American Studies, Silvia Bermúdez states that Latin America has made fútbol, “an integral part of its popular culture, to such a degree that a so-called “Latin American” style of play has been equated with pure poetry and magic as opposed to a European style considered efficient and systematic.” Latin America’s admiration for soccer has roots dating back to the late 1890s whenever the British came to build railroads, telegraph lines and invest in mining and banking. As soccer became more and more popular, it began to rival the television juggernaut; telenovelas. Telenovelas, or soap operas, are the most popular television shows in Latin America. The best part about telenovelas is that according to Bermúdez, “They bring together in front of the television sets audiences from all walks of life, transcending cultural, social and gender boundaries.” Telenovelas are not favored by one gender, one social class or one cultural group over another. Hence, the reason that makes them of such uber- significance in Latin America is that anyone can enjoy them, regardless of who you are. The tango, merengue and salsaare all distinctive dances that originated in Latin America. Both the Argentinean tango and the Dominican merengue originated from lower classes in society. They overcame racial and class prejudice, which later led them to be symbols of national identity. As the dances grew in popularity, the upper classes began to adopt them and they
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became forms of ballroom dance. The salsa, which encompasses Afro-Caribbean styles of derivation and origins, is most well renowned for its border crossing. Not only has it become
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Exam 2 Essay Questions - Exam 2 Essay Questions 2 Popular...

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