Experiment 1 Makeup shit

Experiment 1 Makeup shit - that number 7 is the correct...

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After doing statistical calculations the final result was found to be 15.696 ± .2649 millimoles of base. According to the list of unknowns, the total alkalinity of unknown #18 most likely corresponds to that of number 7 on the list. According to the list, number 7 has an alkalinity of 15.3 millimoles of base. Assuming our calculations are correct and
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Unformatted text preview: that number 7 is the correct selection, our findings have a percent error of 2.6%. This percent error is relatively low and seems correct. Our acquired value is also close to numbers 5 and 6, yet it is most near number 7 which is composed of 550 milligrams of CaCO 3 and 125 milligrams of Mg(OH) 2...
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