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Exam 1 Essay Questions - Essay Questions for Exam 1 Gareth...

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Essay Questions for Exam 1 1. Gareth A. Jones’s statement about how Latin America is becoming “deterritorialized” is, in my opinion, a very accurate statement. This term that he uses means that there are aspects of Latin America all over the world. Although on a map Latin America is separate from the rest of the world, it is present every day in various aspects of our lives and society. This includes music on local radio stations, foods and crops that are indigenous to Latin American, as well as the presence of its art in our museums and homes. One major example of this “deterritorialization” is through the economic expansion via industries such as flowers and coffee. The example of deterritorialization that is most obvious to me is the economic aspect. I go grocery shopping twice a week at Whole Foods Market, and as I walk in I always glance at all of the various flowers in there. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of these flowers were not imported from Holland or within the United, but the actually came from Colombia. The Colombian flower industry currently makes up about 60% of the United States flower importation (Wikipedia). Coffee, Mr. Juan Valdez and his Colombian coffee in particular, is also present throughout the world. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and is drunk in every single nation. In Louisville alone there are possibly hundreds of coffee shops ranging from locally owned Heine Brothers to corporately owned Starbucks. Starbucks publishes documents explaining that they buy their coffee from local growers in Colombia, and that they place special emphasis on going to extreme lengths to purchase the best quality coffee to serve in their stores (Swanson 17-20).
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Exam 1 Essay Questions - Essay Questions for Exam 1 Gareth...

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