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What constitutes a good education

What constitutes a good education - Joyce 01 Alexis Joyce...

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Joyce 01 Alexis Joyce English 101 Northrop April 8 2008 What constitutes a good education? Education is essential in the job market of The United States, where it is especially difficult to acquire a high paying job without a college degree, which is co notated with having an education. To provide their loved ones with as many job opportunities possible, families save up large amounts of money so their children can someday be a college student. These college students then seek good grades, since good grades are most of the time directly correlated with an employer’s judgment of intelligence. The reality is good grades do not always signify intelligence or a good education, being that most students withdraw from classes where they are challenged to think. Most college students would rather pay for good grades rather than of pay to learn. Thus, the focus of college has shifted to grades versus knowledge. I disagree with the college system of grading and the weight the U.S. society puts on it, since it disguises the purpose of class as getting a good grade, and minimizes Joyce 02
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the motivation for a student to actually learn. John Henry Newman would most likely disagree as well since Newman views knowledge as a goal in itself, which is demonstrated in his writings from Knowledge in its own End
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