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Joyce 1 Alexis Joyce Sociology Moore 15 April 08 Legalize it? A bulletin from the war on dugs Drugs have been around for centuries and many of them, such as opiates, were socially accepted for liberal use in the treatment for minor pains. However, many people were unaware of the addictive nature of drugs such as opiates, thus the use of drugs was over looked as a public issue. As people became aware of the harmful properties that drugs possess, drugs were no longer looked at as a solution; instead drugs were regarded as a problem. The government then enacted controversial laws in attempts of “harm reduction” to protect people from the harmful consequences of drugs. The purposes of these laws are to discourage drug use and help demolish drug use in the Unites States. These laws discourage drug use; however, they do not demolish drug use. Not only are these laws ineffective in their ultimate goal, eliminating drug use, but they have also have had a negative effect on our crime rates and money. As drugs became illegal, the distribution of drugs came into the hands of people who do not regard the law. Money has also been affected, since drugs are now harder to get, they are more expensive. Not only are drugs more expensive, but as people are arrested for drug distribution, they are then taken to jail where there needs are met by our tax money. Since the laws regarding drug use have raised more problems than solutions, many people feel the need to reform the laws in order to benefit the public. Joyce 2 The article “Legalize it? A bulletin from the war on drugs” does not take a direct stance on the solution, but it educates the reader with the views different people have on the laws regarding the abolition of certain
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drugs. I materialize this drug article as being a line graph similar to the one depicted in politics with a right wing and a left wing. The left wing, in favor of extensive social reform, views the illegality of drugs as being negative since it raises our crimes rates, since people who are dependant on drugs find illegal means of attaining them. The moderate left wing would make only certain drugs legal, in an effort to alleviate tension.
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Legalize it - Joyce 1 Alexis Joyce Sociology Moore 15 April...

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